Mirabilis Member Years

There shall be initially 410 Mirabilis Members. Mirabilis is latin for miracle. The Mirabilis Members will each be unique in that they will adopt a year in the great American story.


Republican William McKinley reelected President of the United States, perhaps the most popular President since Washington.


Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt, age 42, became the 26th President of the United States after the assassination of President William McKinley in Buffalo, New York, by anarchist Leo Czolgosz.


The Carnegie Institute was founded by Andrew Carnegie with a 10 million dollar grant. The institute still contributes millions of dollars for “scientific” experimentation and advancement.

The War against the Philippines ended.


The Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty gave the United States exclusive rights over the Panama Canal Zone, which were retained until the Panama Canal Treaty between Jimmy Carter, President of the U.S. and Omar Torrijos, Panamanian dictator, taking effective in 1999.


New York Republican Theodore Roosevelt elected President of the United States


The Industrial Workers of the World (“Wobblies”) founded—a radical organized labor group that will be involved in strikes and violence in America over the following twenty years.


President Theodore Roosevelt awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the peace treaty to end the Russo-Japanese War.

The Pentecostal movement–emotions driven, mostly Protestant, and identified with a renewed religious revivalism, began in Azusa, California.


Busiest year in the history of Ellis Island, the main entry point for immigrants to the United States—1.1 million arrived.


President William Howard Taft of Ohio elected President of the United States.


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People organized in New York City by a disparate group of reformers, civil rights advocates, Socialist Party regulars, journalists, lawyers, and others interested in civil rights issues for “people of color,” on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.