Mirabilis Member Years

There shall be initially 410 Mirabilis Members. Mirabilis is latin for miracle. The Mirabilis Members will each be unique in that they will adopt a year in the great American story.


Henry Knox born in Boston, Massachusetts. He would command the American artillery in the War for Independence for George Washington, then serve in his cabinet as Secretary of War.


Pennsylvania Hospital opens as the first hospital in America.


The Liberty Bell was ordered from an English bell foundry for Pennsylvania’s fiftieth anniversary. It became one of the most iconic symbols of American Independence.


Governor Dinwiddie of Virginia commissioned 21 year old George Washington to take a message to the French commander in northern Pennsylvania to return to Canada.


First American newspaper cartoon was published in Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette. It showed a snake cut into sections, each part representing an American colony. The caption read “Join or Die.”

American militia Colonel George Washington inadvertedly began the French and Indian War in America by attacking French forces in Jumonville Glen in western Pennsylvania, claimed by both Virginia and France, which becomes the “Seven Years War” in Europe.


New York City becomes the “general Magazine and of Arms and Military Stores” for the British army stationed in America.


Fort Oswego, New York falls to the French in the French and Indian War.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated for the first time in New York City at the Crown and Thistle.


The English Fort William Henry in New York, surrendered to French General Montcalm in the French and Indian War. The Indian allies butchered 200 English sick and wounded and carried off 200 to be disposed of later. Montcalm was able to save the 1,500 other English and American prisoners but colonial attitudes toward “the savages and the papists” had been confirmed and “hard war” would result. The story is told in the classic novel, The Last of the Mohicans, by James Fennimore Cooper.


Jonathan Edwards, the foremost theologian and philosopher in America died. He and his wife Sarah had 11 children, and his descendants have included many prominent men in education and politics, including thirteen college presidents. His published works fill twenty six volumes so far. Edwards is buried at Princeton, New Jersey, where he was serving as President when he died.

The French forts of Louisburg, Duquesne, and Frontenac fell to British forces in the French and Indian War, which turned the war in favor of Britain.


In the French and Indian War, the British rebuilt Fort Oswego and captured Fort Niagara, by so doing, forced the French to abandon their forts in Pennsylvania.

The major French city in Canada, Quebec, falls to a British siege and assault. Both opposing commanders are killed, Marquis de Montcalm and General James Wolfe.