Founders Club Members share common bonds with respect to the breadth of their accomplishments, their talents of leadership, and their good standing in the community. But most importantly, they will share an unbridled love of liberty and all its myriad blessings.


Club Membership shall be limited to 76 Founding Members, 13 Founding Mothers and 410 Mirabilis Members. Once the Founding Father and Mother memberships are fulfilled, those member categories will close.

At the onset there will be 410 Mirabilis Memberships available; one for each year of our existence since 1607. On July 4th of each year we will add one new Mirabilis Member.

Privacy & Admittance

Members will have exclusive use of the Founders Club facilities. Non-members will not be admitted unless they are the personal guests of a member, and accompanied by that member. There is a electronic card swipe in the elevator which shall only allow admittance with a member card in good standing.

Wine Cellar Lockers

Wine Lockers are to be installed down in the Prairie Cellar and shall be made available to the members based on availability.

Dining Privileges in The Prairie & More

All Founders Club Members will have priority seating at the Prairie as well as any other of The Historic Hospitality Group restaurants. Members will also have priority reservations at any of the restaurants and enjoy special member discounts at each.

Founding Members can charge their dining to their Founders accounts and are entitled to member discounts (Founding Members enjoy a 17.76% discount, while Mirabilis Members enjoy 13%).

Member-Only Events

The Club will host member only wine tastings, special cocktail receptions, art shows, musical guests/private concerts, cigar dinners, political debates, history lectures, semi-annual galas, and much more.


The Founders Club, in the spirit of the astute observations of Alex de Tocqueville, has formed various Societies with the aim of enabling the aspirations of humankind. We encourage all of members to contribute their energy, their minds and talents in something perhaps larger than themselves.


Although the aim is not to create a “cigar” club, cigars are a defining privilege for many of our members. Individual Cigar lockers shall be granted to each Founding Father Members and will be available to other members subject to availability. Each day the Club general manager will designate which room(s) will be designated for cigar enjoyment.

Reciprocal Benefits

The Founders Board of Directors is actively engaged in bringing reciprocal benefits to the members. These opportunities include gun clubs, golf clubs and other exciting venues to augment the Founder’s experience.

Founder’s Forum

Members will receive an electronic newsletter containing information about events and activities at the Club as well as other items of interest to the Members, such as the member roster, and updates on the rules and regulations for the Club.

Membership Questions

Should you have any questions concerning this Membership Plan, benefits, or the membership opportunities available at the Founders Club, please contact John Adams at (706) 360-1776 or by email at