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A Refuge for the American Spirit

The Founders Club is a private social club in Alpharetta, GA, built for those whose hearts burn with a love of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It is a place for those who love fine food and drink; a place to enliven one’s mind; a place to honor the men and women who forged our great nation and to carry on their radical ideals of liberty.

But most importantly, it is home to those whose unwavering ambition is to leave to posterity a better world than they themselves inherited.

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A Radical Idea

Our country was founded on a radical idea - that citizens should be free to govern themselves. While it is easy to take this idea for granted after enjoying over 200 years of freedom, it must be protected, taught, and remembered if our America is to continue to be a light unto the world. The Founders Club seeks to do just that.

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