Caesar Rodney

Home-schooled and the oldest in a family of eight children, Rodney took over the family’s eight-hundred-acre farm at the age of seventeen and helped his widowed mother train the other children until his late 20s, when he began public service. And when he began that service, he never stopped till the day he died at age fifty five. No one in the history of Delaware, to this day, has held as many offices as Caesar Rodney. It was not easy living for the patriot representative. Not only were there many Tories in the population, they may have been a majority. Rodney suffered from a cancer in his nose and face which marred his visage to such an extent, he wore a green silk veil over half his face. He suffered from asthma and gout, sometimes leaving him unable to walk. Not one to sit idle in hard times, he also commanded the Delaware patriot militia army on several occasions and rose to the rank of General.