Mirabilis Members 2000s

There shall be initially 410 Mirabilis Members. Mirabilis is latin for miracle.

The Mirabilis Members will each be unique in that they will adopt a year in the great American story beginning with 1607 through to the inaugural year – 2017.

Each year on July 4th the Club will add a new Mirabilis Member for the new year.


George W. Bush is elected President of the United States in the most controversial election since 1876.


The September 11th attacks forever change the way America views the world


George W. Bush signs into law the Homeland Security Act in the largest restructuring of the federal government since the Department of Defense was created in 1947


The U.S. led Iraq war begins


George W. Bush is elected to a second term, President Ronald Reagan passes away after a full life at the age of 93


The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is launched into space laying the groundwork for humankind’s ultimate journey to another planet.


Construction of Freedom Tower, designed to reach the symbolic height of 1776 feet, begins at the site of the 911 attacks in Manhattan.


Nancy Pelosi becomes the first female Speaker of the House in American History


Barack Obama is elected president of The United States.


U.S. Airways pilot Chelsey Sullenburger lands a distressed Airbus A320 airliner on the Hudson river in what is called the “Miracle on the Hudson. All 155 passenger and crew survived.


The United States wins 37 medals, the most of any nation, in the 2010 winter olympics.


Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the September 11th attacks is killed by U.S. special forces.


Barack Obama wins the White House for a second term.


In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, the city unveils the “Boston Strong” mantra in defiance.


The U.S. places second to Russia in the medal count at the controversial Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. As many as 12 Russian medals may be stripped, however.


800th anniversary of the signing of The Magna Carta at Runymeade, England.


Donald J. Trump, real estate tycoon and businessman, is elected President of the United States.


The Founders Club is scheduled to open at Liberty Hall in Alpharetta, Georgia.