Arthur Middleton

The only signer with two brothers-in-law as signers, Arthur Middleton’s career as tenacious leader and warrior for independence seemed to be a family affair. Born on June 26, 1742 near Charleston, SC, Middleton was the eldest son of Henry Middleton, the President of the Continental Congress. Henry was one of the wealthiest plantation owners in the region, owning nearly twenty, totaling over 50,000 acres of land with over 800 slaves. As a prominent politician, he insured that his son received the best education possible and sent Arthur to Westminster and later to Cambridge. At age 18, Arthur graduated from Cambridge as a brilliant scholar well-versed in Greek and Latin. He extended his education by traveling abroad for two years. During that time the young Middleton developed an acquired taste in music, architecture, and art. Now classically trained as a Renaissance man, Middleton returned home to South Carolina to wed Mary Izard. Shortly after, they toured Europe for an additional three years and eventually raised nine children together.